Youth Golf

The advancement of our youth golfers are from a big importance to us. We founded the program „Tee off” to initiative in a cooperation with the VcG (Association of Club-Free Golfers).

Together with our youth coordinator Juergen Meyers and our golf instructor Wolfdieter Gotschlich, youth training is taking place twice a week during the season. The aim is to set up various children and youth teams that represent the Golf Club Eifel e.V. in the region. An active club life with internal youth championships, various tournaments and a summer camp provide plenty excitement.

The free of charge youth training takes place on the following days.

Child and youth training:  
Wednesday, 5.30pm to 7 pm

Child and bambini training:
Freitag, 3:30 pm

Youth training:
Friday, 5pm to 7 pm

For any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contac our youth coach Jürgen Meyers